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Jade Week SF has taken place this year from August 10th through 17th at US west coastal cities, including San Francisco and cities around the Bay Area presenting excellent jade designers, Jade Beauty spoke models, and haute couture fashion.

Jade Week SF has a grand vision, spearheaded by its visionary executive producer, art organizer and independent curator Monique Zhang, connects U.S. cities with Jade-related businesses, associations and entities in China and Pan Pacific countries.

Jade Week SF’s vision is to be more than a market supporter and developer, since June this year Jade Week SF has created an east west platform to develop an international buzz “Jade for the world” for brands and bridge audiences with promises to publish Jade to the public in a fashionable way and bring pleasure and unusual
experiences to its audience, while influencing the luxury lifestyle market for Jade related specialists &entities; carvers, educators, jewelers, museums, collectors, and cities with rich culture of Jade throughout history.
The First Annual Jade Week SF 2017 Opening Gala took place on August 10th at the opulent Green Room in San Francisco opera district, a gala award presentation and fine dining experiences is introduced with inspiration by the culture of Jade.

During the opening gala, Jade Beauty Presents spokes models were officially launched , Jade Peek Art Award were presented by San Francisco city prominent guests to awardees, and a series of fashion play described the story of Jade Kunlun was highlighted through out.

During Jade Week SF, majestic dining experiences were hosted at Livermore Uncle Yu’s by the Vineyard on Aug13th or Aug 14th, with wine pairing by Nick Liang with Imperial Huaiyang Yangtze Riviera cuisine China renowned Chefs, Rick Ying, Ding Dezhong, John Phung.

Lastly, spa
demonstrations of Jade wellness and well-being using Jade stones was presented throughout the bay area on Jade Spa Wellness Day on August 17th to make this annual Jade Week SF a series of landmark events.